Why choose us?

Over the course of almost 30 years, the DIEGO network has set up more than 160 stores in 3 countries and has gained solid experience in terms of operating a franchise system. We transfer this experience-based, profound knowledge to our franchise partners as a complete package.

In addition to the product portfolio, we also provide support in a number of other areas: our partners can benefit from ready-made solutions in the field of logistics, product support, training, marketing, finance and IT.

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Our strengths

Successful business model

The DIEGO franchise system consists of scalable components, enabling planned expansion. Partners can showcase the complete DIEGO product portfolio even in a small space, whose size can be increased based on the available capital.

Well-known product portfolio

The DIEGO product portfolio is made up of product ranges well-known by customers. During a renovation, the different product groups make it possible for customers to choose as many products from DIEGO’s offering as possible.

Ongoing logistics

DIEGO’s logistics centre has a pool of reliable suppliers, which guarantees the constant availability of the core stock. The centre organises the delivery of goods, so all stores receive the ordered quantity of goods at least twice a week.

Marketing and promotion for brand awareness

Central “image” marketing and local marketing activities related to the stores are particularly important to us. We always support the opening of new stores with marketing contributions. Furthermore, our online presence is getting stronger thanks to our different campaigns and our efforts to continuously improve our websites.

Planned brand identity for the sake of consistency

Our marketing activities play a crucial role in creating a consistent look and feel for DIEGO’s stores, products and staff. This way, customers can orient themselves more easily and they become more dedicated to our brand.

Motivating financial support

The DIEGO franchise system supports the opening and operation of new stores with a range of financing schemes. What’s more, it helps stores with planning, as well as monthly accounting activities and successful business management processes on a month-by-month basis.

Training and product support for our customers

In accordance with DIEGO’s core values, sales employees have a profound knowledge of our products and are trained to provide expert information to customers. Our training centre “DIEGO Academy” supports the onboarding of new employees and ensures that the accumulated knowledge is continuously shared with our partners and colleagues.

Success stories

Our franchise partners have achieved great successes over the years thanks to their hard work, captivating mentality and significant presence. Naturally, their efforts bore fruit and they also contributed to DIEGO’s successes with their accomplishments.