Frequently asked questions

Below, we will answer the questions most frequently asked by our new franchise partners. Should you have further questions, please contact us. We are happy to help.


What type of experience do I need to open a store?

Prior experience is not a prerequisite when it comes to becoming a franchise partner and opening a store because we have a comprehensive onboarding process. Also, our centre provides ongoing support and is happy to answer any questions.

Do I have to have my own property for opening a store?

You do not need to have your own property; you can also rent a space to open a DIEGO store. However, in terms of costs, it is much more profitable to own the property.

How important it is to find a good location for the property operating as a DIEGO store?

The right location will be an enormous advantage after opening your store. However, if the store is operated right, our product ranges will attract customers even to stores located in less ideal areas and enable our partners to achieve great successes.

How can I acquire comprehensive knowledge about so many topics before opening a store?

We developed written training materials for all of our product ranges. You can gain the necessary knowledge via the “DIEGO Academy” as well.

Do I have to participate in the store’s everyday operations?

Basically, it is not necessary for the franchise partner to take part in the store’s daily activities. However, based on statistical data, businesses where the partner is more directly involved in the store’s life are more likely to thrive.

What poses the biggest challenge for DIEGO?

One of the most challenging tasks is to select the right personnel and to achieve a sense of community.

How will the franchise owner support me?

The franchise owner assists partners in several areas – such as training, product support, logistics, marketing, finance, management control and IT – through the centre.

Will you help me develop a business plan if I do not have the necessary experience as a novice entrepreneur?

Of course. Our management control department will consult you during the first steps and later on as well.

How flexible is DIEGO in terms of determining the minimum store size based on the city’s size?

Partners must adhere to the defined minimum store size. However, the floor area can be expanded. When paired with sensible furnishing, the bigger floor area can result in a bigger revenue for the partner.

To what degree do I have to separate DIEGO if I integrate it into an existing commercial business? What are the requirements in terms of external branding?

It has to be completely distinct, but you do not have to separate the two parts with a wall. DIEGO products cannot be mixed with products that had been distributed in the commercial entity earlier. The store section where you display DIEGO goods has to be in line with DIEGO’s external branding requirements.

Can I sell one distinct product group separately?

No. You have to distribute all product groups in your DIEGO store.

Can I buy goods belonging to the DIEGO product range from another wholesaler?

The agreement excludes sourcing products belonging to the DIEGO product range from somewhere else.

Is it possible to pay by card?

There are credit card terminals in all of our stores.

Are there telephone tariff discounts within the network?

Communicating via the internal IP telephone network is free of charge. This is available to every partner we have a contract with.

Ideally, the process can be completed within 2 months.
Yes, we will help with the selection and onboarding process as well.
No, we will teach you everything you have to know during the onboarding phase.