Would you like to secure your future with a thriving business?

Our partners managed to do so with DIEGO! Join DIEGO’s team if you wish to have a flexible life with financial independence and you are open to creating your own business whose success is completely in your hands.

Who we are – The DIEGO network in terms of numbers

The DIEGO franchise network is built on 3 country’s market knowledge, 29 years of continuous improvement and the operation of more than 160 stores. Currently, our range is made up of 5,000 kinds of products and we are happy to serve more than 621,000 regular customers.

Why us? What do we provide?

In DIEGO, we equip our franchise partners with a successful business model. The duration of the agreement is 5 years, which can be extended every 5 years. We provide territorial exclusivity in the vicinity of the partner’s store. Our partners can join our franchise system without prior knowledge, as we will teach them everything via our training programme and will handle the team members’ onboarding process. We also contribute to opening the new store by providing financial and marketing support.

Who are we looking for? What makes someone an ideal franchise partner?

Our ideal franchise partner is open to development, learning and hard work. They are motivated by the benefits offered by our franchise system. It is recommended to know the city they would like to open a store in. It is important to have the right amount of capital. Having a store with an optimal floor area means further advantage.

    DIEGO Kft. Centre

    2372 Dabas, Beton út 26.
    Tel.: (+36) 29/567-200

    Any questions?

    Send your questions to our main address and we will forward them to the competent colleagues.

    Regional Manager

    Zoltán Mészáros +36 20 330 4627


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